Bill Payments

The centralized platform that lets you pay any way

From credit card payments to ACH, and cross-border bill paying has never been simpler or more efficient.
Become a time and money-saving machine. Accelerate your payment process from beginning to end while reducing errors and workload with technology that offers control, flexibility, and visibility into your entire AP process.

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Create bills

Easily upload vendor invoices, submit them for approval by your internal stakeholders, and create a bill from an invoice.


Schedule payments

Pay bills with ease by scheduling ACH or international wire payments to more than 200 territories. PayEm automatically calculates when a payment needs to be sent to be received on time.

Automatic amortization

With our deep NetSuite integration, you can automatically create and schedule amortizations on entire bills or by line item. You can also take advantage of various amortization templates directly from NetSuite- all within the PayEm platform.


Easy international vendor payments

Remove the complexity and cost from global payments. PayEm lets you send payments to over 200 territories in 130 different currencies. Pay any vendor, nearly anywhere in the world while maintaining complete control and visibility.

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