Corporate Cards

Corporate cards that offer total visibility & flexibility

Issue virtual or physical corporate business credit cards in seconds for a simple and secure way to pay for...anything.

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Customizable and convenient – a new corporate card for all

Corporate cards have evolved; gone are the days of struggling to match payments and invoices to clients/projects or having a handful of cards that CFOs had to keep under lock and key.

With PayEm, instantly issue corporate cards that you can fully control according to your employee needs and company policies. You decide everything from the budget, dates, and a one-time or multiple-use card. Issue cards for employees or vendors with confidence: with PayEm cards, your budget is under control and can be fully tracked at any time.

Virtual cards — all the benefits and none of the risks

Virtual cardholders can generate one-time or vendor-specific card numbers so as to avoid exposing the primary card number to too many businesses. Plus, if you get wind of a security risk, lock down your card with the click of a button.

Physical cards — complete control & security

Create branded and customized physical cards for your employees with pre-set spending limits and full expense tracking.

Lock, cancel, or report a card in one click. Suspicious transactions can easily be flagged so you’ll never have to worry about stolen cards or unauthorized spending.

Receipt attachment in a snap

Stop saving and chasing receipts. Our platform makes it easy to snap a picture or upload receipts to transactions. On the go? Use our mobile app. Once your card is used, you’ll get an alert to upload your receipt.

Real-time budget management

Set rules, designate limits, and adjust budgets to accommodate needs. Issue virtual or physical cards that can be set as prepaid or with a line of credit. PayEm’s platform makes it easy to monitor corporate cards so you can stay on track and within your budget.

Add PayEm to your digital wallet

Our physical and virtual corporate cards are supported by Apple and Google Pay so you can use contactless payment at millions of retailers across the world.