Mobile App

The best of PayEm, on the go

Our mobile app lets you request funds, pay on any shared card, and upload receipts. It’s the PayEm platform in the palm of your hands.

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Versatile, streamlined, and easy to use

• Ideal for travel (T&E)
• Make fund or reimbursement requests anytime, anywhere
• Beautiful and simple UI with no onboarding needed
• Instant approvals for purchases you need

All your cards, all in one place

From your employee card to any shared virtual cards, see everything in one place including card limits and details for easy on-the-go payments via mobile.

No more expense reports (yay)

With the PayEm app for iOS or Android, you can:

• Snap a picture of their receipt and upload
• App push notifications will remind users to upload receipts at time of a purchase
• Categorize expenses as they are processed to streamline the accounting process