Instant and easy, it’s reconciliation done right

Reconcile in minutes, not days, with PayEm – and close your books faster than ever before

Forget manual work (finally)

Reconciliation with PayEm is different; that’s because the context for every transaction is created up front. Whether from a PO or vendor card transaction, every detail of every expense is automatically recorded and matched in our platform and then synced to your ERP.

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Reconcile in minutes, not days

Whether you’re reconciling a few transactions daily, or thousands at a time using our bulk reconciliation tool, our platform makes it possible to fully streamline your reconciliation process. So you can close the books faster than ever and with little effort. PayEm’s platform is centralized, every aspect of your non-payroll spend can be viewed in real-time, to confirm statement amounts, review expenses, and manage corporate spend, all in one place.

Corporate Card Reconciliation

Since every aspect of both virtual and physical card expenses are already in the platform, it’s easy to control transaction amounts, and reconcile to your ERP.


PO Reconciliation

PayEm saves time and effort by going beyond P2P by attaching POs to transactions which are then reconciled to your ERP. So you can issue POs, pay however you’d like, and reconcile, all from PayEm’s platform.

More transparency for fewer errors and more security

It’s hard to mitigate errors when you’re doing work manually. With automated reconciliation, PayEm’s platform lets you view all payment information in real-time to reduce errors and instantly spot unusual purchases and respond quickly. PayEM gives you the ability to reduce fraud and support secure, compliant transactions.


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