Pay. Scan. Approve. Reimburse. It’s that simple.

Quickly approve and reimburse expenses, all in one place

Reimbursement without the hassle

Out-of-pocket expenses happen. With PayEm, employees can make their requests- whether for out-of-pocket expenses or planned purchases- all in one place. Keep employees and your finance team happy by quickly approving and reimbursing without added hassle, extra tools, or paperwork.


Learn how it works.

Customizable approval flows

Keep the right people in the loop. PayEm lets you quickly and easily establish your approval flows for complete visibility on all reimbursements.


Reimburse on the go

Forget chasing receipts. Request and approve reimbursements from anywhere with PayEm’s mobile app that lets employees snap a pic and approvers, well, approve.

Start removing tools, not adding them

PayEm centralizes requests, approvals, and payments, reducing the need for more tools for increased visibility and control over employee spending. And there’s no learning curve when you don’t need to figure out how to use another tool.


Automatic accounting software syncing

Did we mention your accounting software can integrate with PayEm? So every approved reimbursement is reflected in your books.

Ready to increase efficiency and control while saving your team money?