VPs of Procurement get everything from request to reconciliation – all in one place

PayEm’s platform ensures that every aspect of procurement is centralized, organized, and efficient. Seamlessly manage all POs with real-time visibility according to budget and custom approval policy.

Why VPs of Procurement love PayEm:
Real-time spend data to stay on budget
Customized approval flow that addresses any type of purchase
PO usage and budget tracking,
including item receipt mechanism
Streamlined payments according to PO budget
Automated processes and approvals that ensure
the books close faster
In-platform communication for employee requests

Take procure-to-pay (P2P) to the next level


Traditional Procurement



Purchase Order

Payment Method


Reconciliation & ERP Sync

PayEm's Request to Reconciliation solution offers everything in one place

PayEm’s platform goes beyond P2P with custom approval flows, use of the payment method of your choice,
receipt collection, and reconciliation-all within the context of your PO.

Empowered procurement teams

Purchasing decisions are made by more than finance and IT teams these days, you need a procurement solution that can keep up.

PayEm works at the employee, team, and department level to ensure the entire payment life cycle- especially the procure-to-pay process is centralized and seamlessly managed from request to reconciliation.

Easy and instant request, approval, and PO creation

Procurement teams shouldn’t have to waste time manually guiding requests and approvals across various departments. PayEm’s platform customizes and automates request and procurement policy approval workflows, then instantly creates POs that are fully synced with your ERP, freeing up procurement team members to focus on the strategic sourcing.

Automate everything

With PayEm, everything from requests to reconciliation is centralized, automated, and trackable. With real-time spend available to you at any time. Errors, redundant purchases, and compliance issues are reduced– all while staying on budget.

Ready to increase efficiency and control while saving your team money?