Solutions for Employees

Employees finally have real-time visibility & control over every aspect of budget spend

PayEm makes it easy to request funds, file reimbursements, and issue employee-specific corporate cards - all while keeping spend and budget under control.


Why Employees love PayEm:

  • Image Instant approvals for purchases you need
  • Image Use of corporate virtual or physical cards, never a personal card
  • Image Easy and quick reimbursements, even on the go
  • Image No more expense reports (yay)

Whether purchasing a SaaS subscription or a conference ticket, PayEm makes it easy to request the funds you need. And with built-in, automated approvals, you won’t have to wait to get the budget you need.

Corporate cards made just for you

No matter what you need funds for, PayEm has a card that’s right for you. Get virtual vendor cards for ongoing subscriptions, or one-time payments. Set expiration dates to ensure the card doesn’t get charged beyond a specific period of time.

If you need a card for in-person purchases, you can even get a physical card with a pre-approved budget. Cancel, lock, or report a card in one-click if you think there’s a security issue.


We’ve killed the expense report

If there’s one thing everyone despises, it’s an expense report. Yup, even the finance team hates ‘em.

PayEm’s platform renders them obsolete with receipt uploads. All you do is take a picture or attach a receipt and you’re done. Seriously.


Reimbursements done right

Personal expenses happen, and you shouldn’t have to wait around to get paid back. With PayEm getting reimbursed is simple. Simply upload receipts at any time and you’ll be reimbursed once approved.


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