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Procurement challenges, meet your match. PayEm offers a customized, all-in-one solution that empowers procurement teams to thrive. But there's more: PayEm puts employees at the heart of procurement, encouraging adoption with a user-friendly tool. This streamlines the process, making it efficient and accessible.

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Increase Savings and Improve Procurement Processes with PayEm

With PayEm, collaboration is seamless. Employees, approvers, finance, and procurement teams come together on a practical platform. With simplified purchase requests, purchase orders, and vital financial transactions PayEm drives organizational efficiency, transparency, and communication. The result? Faster operations, enhanced productivity, and optimized resource utilization.

PayEm Procurement Features


Customizable Request Forms

Get the information you need from employees by creating customized request forms to your exact needs without external support. Enjoy the freedom of self-configurable forms with dynamic conditional logic, ensuring a tailored and intuitive user experience and less back-and-forth.


Automated Approval Flows

PayEm offers customizable approval flows, simplifying the intricate process of obtaining necessary authorizations. This ensures that the right stakeholders are involved at each stage, minimizing delays and bottlenecks.


Invoice Handling and Reconciliation

Managing invoices and reconciling payments can be time-consuming and error-prone. PayEm's platform facilitates efficient invoice processing and automated reconciliation, reducing manual efforts and minimizing discrepancies.


Budget Control and Spend Monitoring

Real-time spend data is essential for staying on budget and making informed decisions. PayEm provides clear visibility into spending patterns, enabling procurement teams to maintain better control over budgets.


Efficient PO Tracking

Tracking purchase orders and budgets, along with receipt matching, can be challenging. PayEm's platform simplifies this task, ensuring accurate tracking and reducing the risk of overspending.


Seamless ERP Integration

Integration with existing ERP systems is crucial for data consistency and operational efficiency. PayEm offers easy ERP integration, allowing procurement teams to work seamlessly within their established systems.


Effective Communication

In-platform communication capabilities enable procurement teams to engage in efficient and transparent communication with employees and vendors. This streamlines request handling and enhances collaboration.

Why Procurement Teams Choose PayEm

Great system that combines credit cards, account payables, purchase orders and expense reimbursement. PayEm combines all expense procedures in one system, it's straightforward, intuitive, quick, saves time, and syncs easily to the ERP systems. It is very recommended.

Yana Fridman
VP of Finance, Vi Labs


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