Connected FinanceTM that provides everything from request to reconciliation.

PayEm reduces friction and tedious tasks for finance teams, so you’ll increase productivity, reduce risk, and lower operating costs to drive business growth.

A new approach to finance

PayEm is the end-to-end finance operating system that uses technology to offer control, transparency, and automation. Our platform captures requests, customizes approval flows, matches invoices, creates bills, schedules and sends payments to anywhere in the world, in any currency, auto-categorizes and syncs with your ERP; it even automates amortizations.

We automate tedious tasks, reduce friction and frustration, to give finance teams precious time to focus on the big picture with real-time visibility by department, team, employee, subsidiary, or vendor in reporting and automation.

In other words, we help finance teams get their job done and done quickly.

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Innovation, speed, & excellence in finance and procurement

PayEm is a company like no other. It’s a home for the passionate. A haven for the doers. A place for people who love and embrace challenges. For those who see movable mountains where others see an impasse. It’s a company of people who are as patient as they are persuasive, open as well as opinionated.

If you thrive in a fun and fast-paced environment, come with an open mind and heart, we encourage you to apply for a position.

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