Connecting Finance & Procurement


PayEm helps finance and procurement teams drive business growth with one platform that brings compliance & control to your finance processes, boosting efficiency, savings, and accountability.

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Get real-time data and instant insights

PayEm’s insights dashboard gives you the complete picture of company spend at the employee, department, vendor, and subsidiary levels. Get alerted to duplicative or suspicious payments, track savings, and easily budget and forecast.

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Customize & automate approval flows

From employee expense requests to PO creation, configure approval flows to meet your company policy and quickly collaborate with the right stakeholders. Our automated approval flows save time and errors, and ensure compliance to create a culture of transparency.

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Modernize your accounts payable process

Gain complete control over spend: Set rules, designate limits, and pay how you like - cards, checks, ACH, vendor credits, and international payments - all to make it easier to stay on track and within budget.

Accelerate payment processes with accounts payable automation and streamlined reconciliation - all fully synced with your ERP.

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Organizational control & transparency

Built for multinational operations, the PayEm platform allows every subsidiary to have financial and accounting autonomy while enabling total transparency and visibility at the employee, department, or subsidiary level.

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Integrate with everything you're already using

PayEm fully and seamlessly integrates with your ERP system and elevates it, making day-to-day tasks easier and more efficient.

Our integrations don’t end with ERPs; the platform also integrates with all the other tools your business runs on. So you’ll run faster, and smarter than ever.

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Why our customers love Payem

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mali Geva

Bookkeeper, Lightico

“We get full clarity and control for all the expenses in the company.”

"The product gives the financial team a great tool to work with.... We have a real time control for the limit of every card and we can increase or reduce the card limit on every single moment."

Erez Storch

Chief Financial Officer, PlainID

"Saved our team precious time and resources"

"We finally have control over our credit card expenses. PayEm always works with me to resolve the issues. It's a great vendor management Saas tool that brings efficiency and productivity."

Guy Ben-Bassat

VP of Finance, GrowthSpace

“The implementation process was very easy and fast.”

"The platform is very easy to use, it covers all of the finance needs from segregation per vendor, per card per transaction, to departments and accounts, you can create purchase request flows and reduce your entire payment cycle."

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