Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayEm?

PayEm is a global spend management and procurement platform. PayEm is a secure, easy-to-use SaaS solution that manages, automates, and connects finance processes for company spend in one platform, giving finance teams total visibility and control.

With PayEm’s platform, finance teams can do their jobs more efficiently with access to features like AP automation, automated and customized fund requests and approvals, virtual and physical corporate credit cards, cross-border payments, P2P, instant reconciliation, and ERP integrations.

Is PayEm the right platform for us?

Any finance team that has struggled to maintain control and visibility of company spend can work with PayEm. We know the frustration receipt chasing and manual work can cause. It’s why we work with finance teams regardless of industry or company size.

If you’re ready to ditch expense reports and embrace end-to-end centralized spend management, PayEm could be the right solution for you. To learn more about how we’ve helped other companies, feel free to meet some of the teams we work with.

What is Spend Management?

Spend management is a scalable and holistic way for businesses to control all non-payroll spending. It includes everything from approval workflows to employee expenses, corporate credit cards, travel expenses, bill payments, reporting, and reconciliation. Spend management becomes an essential part of financial management as companies scale and employees require simple, easy-to-use tools to do their jobs.

How does PayEm work?

PayEm offers finance teams an agile, end-to-end solution to manage spending. Everything can be completed within the platform: from employee fund requests and approvals to credit card issuance, receipt capture, bill pay, and reimbursements. It’s easy to implement the platform. From there, employees can make fund requests that go through an approval process.

Once the request is approved, a credit card (virtual or physical) is issued, and the employee can purchase what they need. All they have to do is upload a receipt via mobile or desktop platform. The finance team then gets alerted to the transaction that needs to be reconciled. Reconciliation requires a click. Simple and intuitive for all. No receipt chasing. No expense reports.

Is PayEm a bank?

PayEm is not a bank. We’re a technology that manages spend and helps businesses pay for the things they need. PayEm’s platform lets you issue credit cards and pay vendors via ACH and wire transfers.

Do you offer credit?

PayEm is not a bank. We offer our customers several credit card options, including physical and virtual corporate credit cards and prepaid cards. For more details, please speak with our sales team.

How do virtual cards work?

PayEm’s virtual cards work exactly like any other corporate credit card with the additional benefits of being more secure, shareable, and flexible. Virtual cards can be used for one-time or recurring expenses, can be issued instantly, and can be frozen or deleted with the click of a button.

Users can manage how much money is on a card at any given time, and admins can always see who is spending what.

Our virtual corporate cards are supported by Apple Wallet and Google Pay so you can use contactless payment at millions of retailers across the world. Once a transaction occurs, our platform reminds users to upload receipts so that reconciliation can be automated.

Does PayEm offer physical cards?

Yes, PayEm does offer physical cards, which can be ordered at any time. Once issued, expect seven days for cards to be delivered. Our physical cards can be branded and customized with full spending controls and expense tracking for your employees. Cancel, lock, or reissue anytime in a click.

Once a transaction occurs, our platform reminds users to upload receipts so that reconciliation can be automated.

What compliance and security measures does PayEm take?

At PayEm, we take every measure to ensure your financial data security. We do this through numerous security measures. We are also Soc 2 Type II compliant. For a detailed look into our compliance and security measures, please read more here.

Can you share PayEm cards?

Yes. PayEm’s virtual credit cards can be shared with any employee to ensure everyone who needs access to funds get them in a secure, convenient, and timely manner.

How does PayEm protect my data?

PayEm uses a number of security measures to protect your data including: Multi-Factor Authentication, SAML SSO Account Protection, Data Encryption, and more. For a detailed look into security measures, please read more here.

Does PayEm have a technical support team?

PayEm has an incredible technical support team available 24/7 via chat and email. We also offer a robust Knowledge Base to answer your questions.

How much does PayEm cost?

For pricing information, please get in touch with our sales team.

Do employees still have to create expense reports?

PayEm’s platform renders expense reports obsolete with receipt uploads. Since all relevant accounting information is already attached to your credit card, all employees have to do is take a picture or attach a receipt, and they’re done. Seriously.

How do I sign up for PayEm?

In what countries is PayEm available?

PayEm is available anywhere in the world with a working internet where credit cards are accepted.

Will PayEm work with our accounting software?

Yes. The PayEm platform integrates with most ERPs and GLs. For more details talk to our team.

Does PayEm have a mobile application? If I have questions or issues, can I talk to a real person?

Of course. PayEm has an incredible support team PayEm available 24/7 via chat and email. We also offer a robust Knowledge Base to answer your questions.

How does PayEm help with subsidiary management?

Yes, PayEm offers global subsidiary management. PayEm lets you define subsidiaries so that you can set and separate each subsidiary while still working within one holistic platform. You can include different billing emails and velocities to connect each to its respective subsidiary. You can also assign each subsidiary its own approval flows and PO request budgets - so each subsidiary has its policy which is defined from one centralized location.

Within each subsidiary, you can designate departments and accounts. So if needed, you can keep separate books for each subsidiary to ensure all relevant financial data is in check. You can also set a purchase order threshold for each request. And once a PO has been approved, you can set a specific approval flow per subsidiary.

Does PayEm offer an AP solution?

Yes. PayEm’s automated AP solution lets you accelerate your payment process from beginning to end while reducing errors and workload with technology that offers control, flexibility, and visibility into your entire AP process. For more details, click here.

Does PayEm offer a P2P solution?

Yes. We call it R2R (request to reconciliation). Our solution goes beyond traditional P2Ps and offers everything procurement and finance teams need- all in one place. For more details, talk to our team.

What’s different about PayEm?

Only PayEm offers both global spend management and procurement, including expense reimbursement and AP automation for an all-in-one solution that scales with your company. Our Customer Success Team is unrivaled and available to help 24/7.

Are there different permissions at PayEm?

Yes. There are three levels of permissions in the platform: Admin-The admin is a “superuser” who can do everything in the system. Accountant- The accountant is a user role designed to handle reconciliation but not perform administrative tasks related to day-to-day management within the PayEm platform. Employee- Employees have basic permission to view their own cards, submit requests, and upload receipts.

Can I report a transaction?

Yes. We offer one-click reporting if there’s an issue of any kind.

Can I reimburse users using PayEm?

Of course. While the benefit of PayEm is that users can request funds in advance, out-of-pocket expenses happen, and our platform lets users ask for reimbursement on the go via mobile app or desktop platform in a few clicks.

What is KYC?

KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a regulatory requirement that companies like PayEm and other fintech companies and financial institutions require our customers to fulfill before opening an account. KYC is essentially a verification process that helps us put a face and name to our customers to prevent online fraud and financial crimes, while maintaining compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.