Easily integrate PayEm with TravelPerk

Say farewell to tedious invoice processing. TravelPerk customers can automatically sync their transactions with PayEm and therefore, their ERP. Moreover, PayEm customers will automatically receive invoices for all TravelPerk activities in real-time.

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TravelPerk Integration–– At a Glance

Automatic ERP transaction sync
Automatic invoice matching
Receive invoices in real-time
Automatic ACH/wire payments bill creation

TravelPerk Integration benefits

Packed business travel into an all-in-one platform that gives you remote control over employees’ travel spend, and the ability to optimize travel policies. And while employees enjoy the freedom of booking TravelPerk’s global inventory of flights, trains, taxis and accommodation, you don’t have to deal with payments and invoices, at all.

  • Let business travel run smoothly but forget about admin work: TravelPerk keeps trips within budget thanks to integrated policies and customizable approvals.
  • Don’t worry about expensive last-minute cancellations or flight changes: get a minimum 80% refund with FlexiPerk*.
  • Consolidate all travel costs with one receipt per trip.
  • Don’t waste internal resources to solve problems: TravelPerk’s real human 24/7 support deals with all issues that come up.
  • Have access to detailed reporting at your hands any time.
  • Integrate with your HRS to import, manage and automatically update your employee directory.
  • Customers will automatically receive TravelPerk invoices to PayEm’s platform.
  • For card transactions- the invoice  will be automatically matched to the relevant card transaction.
  • For ACH/wire payments-  The invoice will automatically create a bill in our system. The customer then approves and pays it via (ach/wire) in the PayEm platform.
  • In both cases, the information then will be synced automatically to the customer's ERP.

*Flexiperk is an additional feature that doesn’t come by default