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With a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower finance teams and enhance decision-making, PayEm redefines the way you manage expenses, budgets, and financial processes. Bid farewell to manual inefficiencies as PayEm ushers in a unified platform that not only streamlines workflows but also offers real-time insights for informed financial strategies.

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With PayEm, finance teams enjoy centralized control over all company expenditures – from fund requests to corporate card issuance, bill payments, reconciliations, and beyond. Customized approvals and seamless automation finally free your finance team to delve into the bigger financial landscape, devoid of laborious manual tasks.

How Finance Teams Benefit from PayEm


Customizable Request Forms

Empower employees to request funds, cards, and other financial requests through personalized forms. Craft forms that match your exact requirements and experience the freedom of self-configurable forms enriched with dynamic conditional logic, ensuring an intuitive and tailored user experience.


Streamlined Approval Flows

Create agile approval flows based on hierarchical data from your HRMS, simplifying the complex task of securing essential authorizations. This guarantees the engagement of relevant stakeholders at every step, reducing potential delays and bottlenecks while ensuring compliance and a comprehensive audit trail.


Efficient Invoice Management

Close your books faster by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual work. PayEm's platform simplifies this process through OCR technology, automating invoice processing and reconciliation. This reduces manual efforts, enhances accuracy, and accelerates the close for greater speed and efficiency.


Real-time Budget Insights

Maintain control over budgets and make informed decisions with up-to-date data. With a transparent view of spending trends, budget owners can monitor all spend data, including off-platform expenses and in-process requests, reducing the burden on finance teams.


Enhanced Financial Control

Establish specific purchasing thresholds that allow for decentralized decision-making while upholding robust financial supervision. Corporate cards provide an added layer of control and convenience, empowering authorized individuals with direct spending capabilities within predefined limits.


Seamless ERP Integration

Integrate with existing ERP systems for data consistency and operational efficiency. PayEm offers easy ERP integration, allowing finance teams to work seamlessly within their established systems.


Efficient Collaboration and Communication

Communicate within the platform, ensuring clear context for requests. This feature streamlines request management and fosters collaboration while also providing an audit trail to maintain compliance.

Why Finance Teams Choose PayEm

PayEm has saved us almost 40% of our time. The management has much more transparency now and closing the books is much more efficient.

Yana Fridman
VP of Finance, Vi Labs


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