Go Beyond Procure-to-Pay with PayEm

P2P is essential yet incomplete; traditional procurement products are not stand-alone solutions, require heavy lifting by finance teams, and are not accessible enough for employees. That’s why we’ve taken P2P a step further. With request-to-reconciliation or R2R, every aspect of the procurement process can be done in one easy-to-use SaaS platform where procurement & finance efforts are seamlessly connected.

Request & Requisition


Traditional Procurement



Purchase Order

AP Automation


Reconciliation & ERP Sync

PayEm's Request to Reconciliation solution offers everything in one place

Empower employees to digitally submit fund requests, which automatically open requisitions that are fully equipped with their context and affiliated policies. Save time and energy that was once wasted on ping-pong communication & filing (and chasing) manual fund requests.

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Approvals & Purchase Orders

Allow admins to set customized approval flows based on company policy and spend limitations. Take P2P beyond its typical scope with receipt collection and reconciliation tools– all within the context of a PO that’s automatically opened in your ERP via PayEm.


AP Automation & Invoice Processing

Process invoices through advanced, AI-assisted, OCR technology, which are then automatically matched against the specific POs. Initiators and approvers alike will see a boost in productivity & time savings.

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Payment Methods

With PayEm, finance and procurement teams can initiate payments using any method, including a PayEm credit card, ACH, and domestic & international wire.


Reconciliation & ERP Sync

Reconciliation has never been faster or easier. Finance and procurement teams can save time by collaborating in accounting for every dollar spent, while transaction information is automatically reconciled and synced with your ERP.

Ready to increase efficiency and control while saving your team money?