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PayEm revolutionizes spend management by providing maximum control, efficiency, and transparency to your financial processes, while simplifying complex tasks like expense management, supplier payments, and budget adherence. With PayEm, your business gains proactive monitoring capabilities, reducing the risk of unnecessary spend and ensuring timely payments to vendors and employees.

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If financial precision and growth are important for your business, PayEm is the indispensable tool in your spend management arsenal. With its user-friendly interface, powerful automation capabilities, and seamless integration, PayEm empowers businesses of all sizes to achieve optimal spend management, boost efficiency, and make better data-driven financial decisions.

PayEm Tools for Spend Management


Instant ERP Sync

Seamlessly connect with your ERP system, automating the sync of bills and payments. This feature accommodates the high-volume of daily invoice approvals and payments, promoting real-time financial data accuracy and operational efficiency.


Real-Time Budget Updates

PayEm’s BVA feature calculates the variance between planned budgets and reconciled payments, including committed POs and bills. This grants budget owners and approvers unparalleled visibility into their fiscal planning, encouraging a culture of accountability. Minimize your organization’s risk and ensure adherence to budget plans across various departments for consistent financial performance.


Virtual and Physical Cards

Provide customizable cards with built-in spend controls to firmly manage spending, vendors, or timing. Set spending parameters that align with your business strategies and policies, effortlessly manage vendor relationships, and assign limits that ensure adherence to budgets.


Insights & Reporting

Offer incredible insights and enhance decision-making leveraging real-time reporting. Constantly stay on top of budget allocations, spending trends, and financial patterns, and be empowered to make adjustments, capitalize on opportunities, and maintain a proactive financial stance.

Your Comprehensive Spend Management Suite

Great system that combines credit cards, account payables, purchase orders and expense reimbursement. PayEm combines all expense procedures in one system, it's straightforward, intuitive, quick, saves time, and syncs easily to the ERP systems. It is very recommended.

Yana Fridman
VP of Finance, Vi Labs


Experience maximum control, efficiency, and transparency with PayEm.

Revolutionize your financial processes and make data-driven decisions.

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