PayEm’s robust NetSuite integration

PayEm fully and seamlessly integrates with NetSuite in a matter of minutes, making day-to-day tasks easier and more efficient.

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PayEm's NetSuite integration at a glance:

Quickly integrate with NetSuite in just 30 minutes
Reconcile bill payments and journal entries with one click
Seamlessly manage all POs with real-time visibility
Full integration with NetSuite's native amortization feature

Easy implementation

In just 30 minutes, PayEm seamlessly integrates with your NetSuite account. All customized segmentation automatically syncs with our platform, so all your mappings and configurations are perfectly aligned by subsidiaries, departments, vendors, accounts, and classes. No double entries, no manual work.

Rapid reconciliation

Reconciliation within PayEm is a breeze. Create bills, bill payments, and journal entries in just one click.

PayEm’s integration allows for auto segmentation, and batch reconciliation of transactions, so you’ll close the books days ahead of schedule. PayEm also allows for multi-currency transaction reconciliation within NetSuite, offering unparalleled financial reporting accuracy.

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Powerful procurement

Seamlessly manage all POs with real-time visibility according to budget and custom approval policies. PayEm’s platform enables PO-to-card management and payment, letting you import POs from Netsuite and assign them a credit card. You can even create POs and assign them to an approval flow that’s fully synced with NetSuite once approved – all within the PayEm platform

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Automatic amortization

PayEm is fully integrated with NetSuite’s native amortization feature, letting you easily schedule amortizations. Need to get granular? The platform can schedule amortizations on entire bills or by line item. You can also use various amortization templates directly from NetSuite.

Complete Customization

Take advantage of every NetSuite customization tool. With PayEm, pull everything from custom fields, custom forms, and custom segments. So all transactions are detailed and accurate allowing you to create informative and comprehensive reports.