Integrate with your ERP & HR systems

PayEm fully and seamlessly integrates with your ERP and HR systems, saving you time, frustration and money.

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Close the books faster with PayEm's ERP integration

Manually creating ERP journal entries can be time-consuming. PayEm has made this process fast and easy by allowing finance teams to export reconciled transactions and directly upload them to their ERP, improving efficiency and accuracy.

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HR Integrations for easy employee syncing

PayEm’s technology syncs with over 30 major HR systems to keep every detail up-to-date and accurate, allowing teams to automate onboarding, maintain security during transitions, and keep approval flows and transactions stable and current.

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TravelPerk Integration

Say farewell to tedious invoice processing, since TravelPerk customers can automatically sync their transactions with PayEm and therefore, their ERP. Moreover, PayEm customers will automatically receive invoices for all TravelPerk activities in real-time.

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