Requisition Intake

Streamline your Requisition Intake process & simplify requests

Reduce complexity and simplify the Requisition Intake process with PayEm’s easy to use platform. Build custom intake forms and routing architecture to reduce unnecessary steps, ensuring that the entire request to reconciliation process is quick, efficient and effective.

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Customized Requisition Intake form, tailored to your needs

Your finance & procurement teams can easily build tailored approval flows that collect specific information based on request type, resulting in faster and more efficient intake requests. Quickly and easily customize the intake form based on your company’s specific needs, making sure the right people get the right information for each request. 

Real-time budget visibility

PayEm’s requisition intake experience empowers budget owners, allowing them to see both real-time and in-flight spend requests against the planned budget. This enables them to make quick, informed decisions about incoming requests as well as flag at-risk budgets on the verge of over-spending. 

Centralized request management

Employees have a centralized starting point for requests, ensuring that all requests follow a consistent process and can be efficiently managed and tracked. This gives finance & procurement teams complete control over spend requests and the ability to eliminate maverick spend in the organization.