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PayEm empowers finance and procurement teams to drive efficiency, maximize savings, and easily navigate complex processes. Experience the user-friendly, unified platform designed exclusively for the mid-market to promote visibility and control within your organization.

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Driving business growth around the world


Gain insights, efficiency & control in one platform

Customized Intake

With customizable purchase request forms, automated approval workflows, and consolidated PO creation, enhancing transparency and stakeholder communication is effortless. Configure forms easily, capturing requests and utilizing conditional logic to display pertinent sections based on responses, titles, or subsidiaries.

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AP Automation

Automate invoice and payment processes, reduce errors, and cut workload. Benefit from flexible workflows, real-time insights, scheduled bulk payments, and a user-friendly experience. Unlock growth potential with unique features, including best-in-class OCR technology, custom workflows, and a comprehensive platform.

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Corporate Cards

Empower your business with virtual or physical corporate cards for instant issuance, customizable control, simplified receipt management, real-time budget management, digital wallet integration, and enhanced security. Experience efficient processes, automated invoice handling, and seamless ERP synchronization.

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PayEm makes procurement simple and manageable for growing businesses. Enable proactive procurement practices for strategic business growth. Empower employees with streamlined spending processes, ensuring compliance and efficiency. Simplify policy adoption and direct essential details to relevant teams, becoming the vital partner businesses rely on during evolution.

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Scale your business to unprecedented levels


Gain Enhanced Visibility and Control

Stay informed and take control with real-time data, enabling smarter decisions and faster actions for sustained organizational growth. Consolidate and simplify with our comprehensive platform, eliminating the need for multiple solutions.


Create a Culture of Accountability

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, our solution promotes seamless company-wide adoption and ease of maintenance. Guaranteed worry-free operations, leaving less room for oversights and enabling you to prioritize with confidence.


Drive Cost Savings and Efficiencies 

Automation eliminates manual tasks and presents essential information effortlessly, freeing time for strategic initiatives. Scale effortlessly with our intuitive and adaptable workflows, designed to grow alongside your organization.

PayEm named a G2 leader in Saas Spend Management


Why our customers love PayEm


Yana Fridman

VP of Finance, Vi-Labs

"Great system that combines credit cards, account payables, purchase orders and expense reimbursement."

"PayEm combines all expense procedures in one system, it's straightforward, intuitive, quick, saves time, and syncs easily to the ERP systems. It is very recommended."


Guy Ben-Bassat

VP of Finance, GrowthSpace

"The implementation process was very easy and fast."

"The platform is very easy to use, it covers all of the finance needs from segregation per vendor, per card per transaction, to departments and accounts, you can create purchase request flows and reduce your entire payment cycle."


Or Hecht

Director of Procurement, Fiverr

"Switching to PayEm was effortless and has made us so much more efficient."

"We are delighted with the work that we have done so far with PayEm; it has saved days of manual work each month using their platform and automating our reconciliation processes."

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Perry Nalevka

CEO & Founder, Penguin Strategies

"PayEm is the solution for visibility into your expenses."

"Allows us to see exactly what is being spent on what with little to know overhead."

Start maximizing savings and driving efficiency today.