Insights Dashboard

Harness the power of real-time data & actionable insights

PayEm’s insights dashboard gives you the complete picture of company spend and the insights to make swift decisions.

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Connected Finance in action

Streamline your operations with data-driven insights and decisions that drive real growth. Get actionable insights that alert you to duplicative or suspicious payments, forecast spending trends, and unlock new opportunities to save.

Measure and monitor everything, all in one place

Consolidate your spend view and get real-time data on spend at the employee, department, vendor, and subsidiary levels. View expenses on cards, AP, and reimbursements on one dashboard.

Total control and visibility for executives

Use the dashboard to improve productivity, profits, and cash flow while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. PayEm’s Insights Dashboard allows you to proactively identify and manage risk and issues.

Optimize your company spend with real-time insights

Get visibility into every expense. Save money with real-time reporting to accelerate your growth by improving profits, creating efficiencies, and increasing productivity.