AP Automation

Centralize and simplify your accounts payable process

Become a time and money-saving machine. Accelerate your payment process from beginning to end while reducing errors and workload with technology that offers control, flexibility, and visibility into your entire AP process.

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Approve funding requests in minutes

Streamline your communication and approval processes for bill payments. Manage and approve funds while automating your flow with accounting software. So you maintain control while getting things done quickly and efficiently.


Cross-border payments in 1 click

Remove the complexity and cost from global payments. PayEm lets you send payments to over 200 territories in 130 different currencies. Pay any supplier, contractor, freelancer, publisher, or vendor, nearly anywhere in the world while maintaining complete control and visibility.

Seamlessly sync with your ERP or accounting software

PayEm’s platform is fully integrated with top ERPs- so you’ll never have to worry about manual inputs or double data entry.


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