AP Automation

AP Automation that offers total efficiency & control

Accelerate your invoice & payment process from beginning to end, while reducing errors and workload. PayEm’s AP automation technology offers flexibility and visibility into your entire AP process.

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Eliminate Manual Work with OCR

Thanks to PayEm’s best-in-class, AI-assisted optical character recognition (OCR) technology, invoice processing has never been easier. Eliminate & save time on manual processes, including invoice entry recording, in a way that constantly improves efficiency with machine learning.

Streamline Processes & Save Time

Don’t leave money on the table with inefficient processes; PayEm’s AP automation eliminates payment approval waiting times by implementing the processes, flows, and levels of automation that best meet your department’s structure & needs.

Instantly Sync with Your ERP

Automatically sync your bill and bill payments with your ERP to keep up with the volume of invoice approvals and payments that companies deal with on a daily basis.

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Automate & Schedule Everything

Do whatever’s most convenient for your business’s cash flow. With PayEm’s ability to plan transfers in advance, you can schedule one-time or recurring payments anytime while also gaining real-time visibility into their status.