Cross-border Payments

Cross-border payments in one click

Remove the complexity and cost from global payments.

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Global flexibility, efficiency, & accuracy

Relationships with your partners matter. With PayEm’s streamlined platform, there’s more than one way to pay any vendor.

Easily set wire, ACH, and credit card payments from any geo, in any currency, from any subsidiary. PayEm’s cross-border payment solution lets you pay any supplier, contractor, freelancer, publisher, or vendor, while maintaining complete control and visibility.

Wire, ACH and IACH payments

With PayEm, you can create custom bill approval flows for bill and bill payments, or even schedule bill payments for any vendor.

With IACH you can reduce your cross-border costs by using local rails for cross-border transactions.

Cross-border credit card payments

PayEm’s vendor cards can be issued just as easily for international vendors, so you’ll never have to worry about extra fees or be limited by geography.

Auto-sync & reconciliation

The benefits of PayEm’s cross-border solution don’t end with the payment. All vendor bank details, domestic and international, are automatically synced with your ERP, so there’s no double entry data required, ever. With one-click reconciliation, you’ll save days of work each month.

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