Custom Approvals

Customize your Approval Flows with PayEm

Tailor your approval flows & gain control at the employee, department, subsidiary, and vendor levels, complete with budgets and relevant stakeholders. Implement solutions that fit your organization to save time & money while boosting efficiency and eliminating errors.

Gain Control & Visibility with Ease

Gain an unprecedented level of customizability & control over individual requests, no matter if they concern reimbursements, POs, or credit cards. With such control also comes visibility; Administrators can see overall request trends, while initiators can see the status of their approvals, saving time and frustration.

Fully Customize Based on Your Needs

Tailor adaptable approval flows that are based on organizational and budgetary parameters. Easily create flows that best suit the context of your organization, including amounts, subsidiaries, departments, and stakeholders, all while speeding up approval times.

Decrease Risk, Increase Compliance

With manual tasks comes human error. Manual approval processes are no exception, and within the corporate world, this can lead to violations in legal compliance, including SOX. By implementing custom, automated approval flows with PayEm, organizations can get full audit logs for each request, and have one less thing to worry about.