Spend Management

Automate & manage your vendors and subscriptions with PayEm

PayEm is a single solution for everything from fund requests, to issuing corporate cards, purchase orders, bill payments, reconciliation and more.

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Paying vendors has never been more efficient

Now, you can schedule payments and transfer funds via ACH wire. The PayEm platform supports all regions and subsidiaries, across 180+ countries and territories.

Dedicated virtual cards for vendors

With dedicated virtual cards, finance teams can easily budget per vendor and mitigate the risks of double- or over-charging.

Integrate these virtual cards with your existing procurement & vendor management process to take full advantage of PayEm's capabilities.

Set limits & receive notifications

Easily designate budgets and limits for each vendor and be notified when it approaches.

No more double charges either. Gain unparalleled insight into your spend, as well as your spend control initiatives with PayEm.

Manage subscriptions

Manage the subscriptions of managers and employees alike. With PayEm, view overlapping subscriptions and merge them where necessary. This way, you can maximize savings without impacting the subscriptions your team needs to perform effectively.