Purchase Requests

Automate your request & approval process with PayEm

Approve funding requests, send funds to your employees, and sync the data to your ERP system - all within a few clicks.

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Approve funding requests in minutes

No more sourcing and tracking employee funding requests through email and messages. Manage and approve funds while automating your flow with accounting software.

Send funds your way

The sky is the limit! With PayEm, you can send funds to your employees directly to their physical credit card or to a virtual card. You always have a choice!

Real-time requests & real-time approval

With PayEm you can allow your employees and managers to send and receive funds in real-time. Once approved, the customized funds are distributed to the employee, and all data is returned to your ERP system.

Harness the power of virtual cards

It’s time to gain control over your budget – with PayEm, you can even create virtual cards for each specific purchase. You can limit the amount or number of transactions on each virtual card, or limit its access to particular vendors.