Solutions for CEOs & CFOs

CEOs & CFOs make smarter spending decisions with PayEm

Get complete control and visibility into real-time spend at the subsidiary, department, and even employee level to ensure 360º efficiency.


Why CEOs & CFOs love PayEm:

  • Image Next level operational efficiency
  • Image Empowered employees with automated approvals and easy receipt upload
  • Image Review real-time spend by category, subsidiary, and department
  • Image Streamlined and centralized solution that eliminates wasted time and money
  • Image Dashboard with instant insights and spend forecasts

PayEm’s holistic global spend and procurement platform ensures the highest levels of operational efficiency by eliminating unnecessary spend, closing books 5x faster, and ensuring your company stays on budget.

Centralize every aspect of corporate spend in real-time

Make better business decisions with timely, accurate data while centralizing previously-siloed expense management and bill payment tools. Get the insights you need for all non-payroll spend at the company, subsidiary, department, or employee levels in real-time.

With deeper insights, PayEm ensures operational efficiency by offering a single solution for everything from fund requests, to issuing corporate cards, bill payments, reconciliation, and more.


Customized and configured to your approval policies

With PayEm, there’s no need to reconfigure a thing. Our solution supports your approval policies - no matter how many approvals are required or the different amounts and types.

This eliminates friction and ensures that everything from requests to reimbursement is streamlined and efficient.


Simple & Efficient Bill Payments

Bill paying has never been simpler or more efficient.

Pay any way– credit card payments, checks, ACH, and cross-border. PayEm’s platform lets you choose your method of payment, create bills, schedule payments, automatically amortize, and send payments to over 200 territories in 130 different currencies.

Pay how you want, where you want, and when you want.


Remove extraneous software

Save money and stop wasting time learning new platforms. PayEm is a holistic solution that renders additional expense and bill payment solutions obsolete.


Physical & Virtual Corporate cards

Whether for an employee or a vendor, PayEm’s platform can instantly issue cards based on your company’s approval policies. Set rules, designate limits, & distribute virtual or physical cards to make it easier to stay on track and on budget.

Physical cards — complete control for in-person transactions Create branded & customized physical cards for your employees with pre-set spending limits & full expense tracking. Cancel, lock, or reissue anytime in a click.

Virtual cards — the secure & convenient way to pay. Whether for a one-time expense or recurring payments, PayEm’s platform lets you issue virtual cards in a few clicks. Cancel just as easily.


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