Saving time, energy, & frustration: How Swimm used PayEm to manage and enable their hyper-growth


Without PayEm

  • 1 corporate card for the whole company
  • No control or visibility over company spend
  • Hours spent reverse engineering transactions and receipt chasing
  • Frustrated employees waiting on reimbursement

With PayEm

  • Vendor & employee cards issued as needed
  • Total control and visibility over company spend
  • Ended receipt chasing and saved 3 days in reconciliation
  • No employee frustration on waiting for T&E expense reimbursement
“We have a solution for all of our pain points. As our teams abroad grow, we can now offer each employee a card with budgets for food, training, and whatever else they need.”

- Gal Barel, VP of Finance and Operations, Swimm


Lack of visibility and order leads to a search
As a company in hyper-growth, Swimm and Gal’s team faced a familiar challenge that many technology companies deal with - too many expenses on too few corporate cards. With employees across three continents, Swimm had only one corporate credit card and no way to control spending if the card number was given out. Moreover, the finance team wasted hours attempting to reverse engineer transactions and needed an immediate solution. Gal’s team was sold on PayEm when they discovered that they could let employees request funds, issue credit cards, and use PayEm’s robust platform for easy and fast reconciliation.


An intuitive platform, an easy win
Today, Swimm easily issues vendor cards per user. The company pays for everything using PayEm cards. And as Gal put it, “We have a solution for all of our pain points. As our teams abroad grow, we can now offer each employee a card with budgets for food, training, and whatever else they need.” The bigger win for Swimm’s finance department has been the employee response to the platform. “Our employees never had an easy way to request funds, and now that they do, we get positive feedback - which, let’s be honest, finance teams rarely get.” PayEm has become an integral tool for T&E and reconciliation. As Gal explained, “With the PayEm platform and app, travel abroad is a dream for employees and for us.”


Finance team: 3 days per month saved on reconciliation. No receipt chasing. No bank fees.
Employees: No frustration. No waiting on reimbursement for T&E expenses.

About Swimm

Founded in 2019, Swimm helps engineering and developer teams create, find, and maintain documentation coupled with code so as your code changes and evolves, it's always up to date. Swimm’s platform solves some of the biggest pain points for companies across the globe around knowledge sharing - specifically about sharing knowledge about code. With offices in Tel Aviv, Berlin, and New York, Swimm is growing in leaps and bounds after raising $33.3M, headed by Gal Barel, VP of Finance and Operations.

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