Easily integrate PayEm with SAP Business One 

Export, reconcile, and upload transaction records directly to your SAP Business One accounts with PayEm’s automation and integration capabilities. Eliminate time previously wasted on manual tasks while improving efficiency and accuracy.

SAP Business One Integration–– At a Glance

Sync accounts at a moment's notice
Export & import reconciled transactions
Bulk reconcile with receipt capture capabilities

Close the books faster than ever. Quickly sync your SAP Business One accounts by exporting transaction records & spend data with a click of a button.

Take advantage of real-time spend insights

PayEm’s SAP Business One integrations lets you update your accounts in real-time. The precise, error-free data this yields provides unparalleled visibility into your overall spend. Such transparency comes by way of PayEm’s insights dashboard, allowing you to forecast spend before it takes place while also staying within budget.

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Say hello to bulk reconciliation

Reconciliation by line item is now a thing of the past. PayEm’s receipt capture capabilities enable finance teams to bulk reconcile with their SAP Business One accounts. By introducing automatic spend categorization & receipt matching, in lieu of manual sync processes, you can say farewell to cross-platform reconciliations.

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