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December 31, 2023

Corporate Credit Card Management in 2024

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If you don’t already use a corporate credit card management solution, there’s a very strong likelihood you will in 2024. Corporate credit cards are increasingly being used by companies to handle spending, empower employees, and increase controls around payments. But what does the future look like for corporate credit card management?

We look ahead to 2024, and based on trends, proprietary insights and other data, we set out the corporate credit card landscape and best practices for 2024.

What is Corporate Card Management?

Corporate card management is a critical function within modern businesses, involving the strategies and systems used to oversee and regulate the use of corporate credit cards. These cards, typically issued to employees for business-related expenses, are integral to managing a company's financial operations.

Effective management of these cards encompasses setting clear usage policies, diligently tracking expenditures, reconciling statements promptly, and ensuring compliance with both internal policies and external regulatory standards.

As we advance into 2024, the landscape of corporate card management has undergone significant changes, influenced by technological advancements and evolving corporate spending patterns. The integration of sophisticated digital solutions for tracking, reporting, and analytics, along with traditional financial oversight mechanisms, has become increasingly crucial for efficient corporate card management.

Why is Corporate Card Management So Critical?

Corporate card management is vital for several key reasons:

  1. Financial control: It enables businesses to maintain stringent control over their financial expenditures, ensuring corporate funds are used effectively.
  2. Policy compliance: Effective management ensures adherence to internal company policies and external regulatory requirements, mitigating risks of financial discrepancies or fraudulent activities.
  3. Expense visibility: It provides strategic high-level and real-time insights into company spending, resource prioritization, and other key elements.
  4. Employee accountability: Setting explicit guidelines and monitoring card usage fosters a culture of accountability and responsibility among employees.
  5. Employee empowerment: Effective corporate card management platforms also empower employees, allowing them to make decisions and do their jobs without the hassle of lengthy payment request procedures.
  6. Streamlined processes: Efficient management simplifies the process of reconciling card expenses, saving considerable time and reducing administrative workloads.

What Are The Best Ways to Manage Corporate Cards?

To manage corporate cards effectively, a combination of well-defined policies, advanced technology, and vigilant oversight is essential. Best practices include:

Developing Clear Usage Policies

Crafting comprehensive and understandable guidelines for acceptable corporate card use is fundamental, as is ensuring the employees are aware of these policies and have bought into the reasons behind the guidelines.

Conducting Regular Audits

Periodic reviews and audits of card transactions are crucial for detecting any anomalies or violations of policies.

Providing Employee Training

Educating employees in an ongoing way about the policies, procedures, and ethical use of corporate cards is vital for ensuring compliance and reducing misuse.

Implementing Spending Limits

Setting tailored spending limits for various employee levels or departments helps in controlling expenses and preventing abuse. Leading corporate card management platforms like PayEm enable you to set these limits quickly and easily.

Focus on Security

For example, PayEm offers virtual credit cards with unique numbers and instant card locking, as well as physical cards with preset limits and fraud protection – all of this means that security is now built into your processes.

Integrate with other systems

Ensure that your corporate card management solution integrates smoothly with your HR system, for example. If an employee leaves, not only is their card automatically canceled, but a new employee is onboarded with a card seamlessly.

This brings us to a crucial subject: automation when it comes to corporate card management, especially when looking ahead to 2024.

The Future of Corporate Card Management Automation

In 2024, automation will continue to play an increasingly pivotal role in the efficient management of corporate cards. This involves leveraging software and advanced technologies to automate various aspects of card management, including:

  • Transaction monitoring: Automated systems are capable of identifying and flagging transactions that are unusual or violate company policies in real-time.
  • Streamlined reconciliation: Advanced software solutions can automatically match card transactions with corresponding receipts and purchase orders, simplifying the reconciliation process.
  • Efficient expense reporting: Automated tools enable fast and accurate generation of expense reports, thereby reducing the likelihood of manual errors.
  • Enforcement of policies: Automation aids in the consistent application and enforcement of spending limits and adherence to company policies.

Benefits of Automating Corporate Card Management

The automation of corporate card management offers numerous advantages. Among others, these include:

  • Increased efficiency: Automation dramatically cuts down the time and effort required for managing card transactions and reconciliations.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Automated systems reduce the margin for human error, ensuring more precise tracking and reporting of expenses.
  • Access to real-time data: Real-time monitoring and reporting provide immediate insights into corporate spending patterns, aiding in timely decision-making.
  • Cost reduction: Efficient management processes and reduced administrative tasks lead to significant cost savings for the company.
  • Consistent policy adherence: Automated systems help in uniformly enforcing company policies and compliance requirements.

Future Trends in Corporate Card Management

What are the trends likely to impact the future of corporate card management?

Increasing use of Generative AI, Machine Learning, and other technologies

As these technologies develop and become more robust, they will add further value to corporate card management. This could range from predictive capabilities to surfacing otherwise invisible insights.

Mobile Management Solutions

With the rise of mobile technology, managing corporate cards on the go will provide greater flexibility and convenience.

Enhanced Security Features

As cyber threats evolve, the implementation of advanced security features to protect sensitive financial information will be crucial.

Sustainability Considerations

The shift towards digital documentation aligns with broader corporate sustainability goals, reducing paper use and environmental impact.

The Future of Corporate Card Management Starts Here

In 2024, corporate card management will become more streamlined, efficient, and technology-driven. The integration of automation and digital tools not only enhances financial control and visibility but also supports compliance, policy enforcement, and strategic financial planning.

PayEm is at the forefront of this movement. Its corporate credit cards already offer:

  1. Total visibility and flexibility: Instant creation of virtual or physical cards for secure payments with complete control over budgets and expenses.
  2. Customizable and convenient: Tailor cards to specific needs, ensuring budget control and streamlined payment processes.
  3. Enhanced security: Features like unique numbers for virtual cards, instant card locking, and fraud protection for physical cards.
  4. Tailored budget management: Allocation of cards to specific budgets or purchase orders, aiding in financial control and planning.
  5. Built-in spend controls: Granular controls over spending, vendors, and timing to align with business strategies.
  6. Seamless integration with HR Systems: Ensures security and efficiency, with automatic cancellation of cards when employees leave.
  7. Fraud and error reductions: Advanced monitoring and controls to protect against unauthorized spending.
  8. Effortless expense tracking: Simplified receipt capture and management.
  9. Real-Time insights and reporting: Immediate access to financial data for informed decision-making.

Take the right steps now to future-proof your payments function in 2024 with corporate card management from PayEm.

Get started now with PayEm’s Corporate Cards.

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